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Yoga si meditatie cu Manish

Introduction: My name is Manish Bhatia. I am from India and I am studying in Romania from last one year. I have been giving classes in Cluj for the last 8 months. I got trained in yoga from India (200-hour from S-VYASA) in 2015. People come to me and say yoga is not for them because they are not so flexible; I say: yoga is more for you than for the flexible ones, precisely because it makes you flexible.” We are here to help you regain your flexibility. We guarantee improvement in flexibility based off feedback that we have from a lot of our students. We invite you to try it!

Introducere: Numele meu este Manish Bhatia. Sunt din India si am studiat in Romania in ultimul an. Predau clase de yoga in Cluj de aproximativ 8 luni. Am fost instruit insa In India in 2015 pentru a fi profesor de yoga. Oamenii vin la mine si spun ca yoga nu este pentru ei, pentru ca nu sunt suficienti de flexibili iar eu spun: Yoga este mai mult decat pentru cei flexibili mai ales pentru ca te face flexibil.
Suntem aici sa te ajutam sa iti recastigi flexibilitatea. Iti garantam imbunatatirea flexibilitatii bazat pe feedbackul de la studentii nostri. Te invitam sa incerci!
This time I invite you in Timisoara to participate in my classes which I have created to help you gain flexibility in your body and mind. I am waiting for you in Satya Center on 14 and 15 of april.
De aceasta data te invitam in Timisoara sa participi la clasele mele pe care le-am creat special sa te ajungi sa obtii flexibilitate in corp si in minte. Te astept la Satya Center pe 14 si 15 aprilie.

The types of classes you can attend to:
STRETCH AND MEDITATE: This 70-minute yoga class includes proper warm-up with a few power yoga poses, sun salutations, and Ashtanga and Hatha yoga postures stretching all the major muscles of the body from ankles to neck and then we end the class with Pranayama.
We have a unique style of helping our participants learn meditation. Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual focuses their mind on a particular object. In our class, we ask people to meditate on stretched muscles while being in the postures, which is for a relatively short period of time and quite a bit easy too. This in return increases one’s confidence and willingness to stretch more because of good muscle and mind coordination, which results in increased flexibility

Tipurile de clase la care poti participa:
Stretch si mediteaza: Aceasta clasa de 70 minute include incalzire necesara pentru cateva posturi de power yoga, salututi ale soarelui si posturi de Ashtanga si Hatha Yoga, intinzand muschii majori ai corpului de la glezne pana la gat si se termina cu tehnici de control ale respiratiei.

MOVEMENT MEDITATION: Movement Meditation is a method of meditation developed in Vivekananda Kendra. A cyclic of alternating stimulation and relaxation is used to go into deep silence. It stimulates and awakens the sleeping mind, calms down the distractions, recognizes the innate stagnation and stays in steadiness without disturbing it. If you are having a hard time sitting and meditating and/or if you cannot concentrate much on meditation and your mind wanders during meditation, come and try this concept of meditation with which you will be asked to meditate on movements of your body parts.
Meditatie prin miscare: Meditatia prin miscare este o metoda de meditatie dezvoltata in Vivekananda Kendra. Un ciclu de stimulare alternativa si relaxare este folosit pentru a te duce intr-o tacere profunda. Stimuleaza si trezeste mintea adormita, calmeaza distragerile, recunoaste absenta miscarii din interior si te ajuta sa stai in liniste fara distrageri. Daca ai dificultati in a sta si a medita sau de obicei nu te poti concentra mult, sau mintea da rataceste in timpul meditatiilor statice, vino si incearca acest tip de meditatie in care ti se va cere sa meditezi pe miscarile partile corpului tau.

DYNAMIC CLASS: Regaining your Flexibility & Cardio (Dynamic class) – Manish

This 60-minute class can be used to match a lot of your purposes:
1. General fitness as the class is dynamic.
2. Cardio, again the class is dynamic.
3. Flexibility as all of our classes are related to stretches from ankle through neck, i.e. all the major muscles.
4. Hand and brain coordination.
5. Brain and muscle coordination.
The class is designed in such a way that a specific pose is prefixed by dynamic exercise, which loosens up the specific muscle related to that pose and then you can stay in that pose and stretch which will lead to increase in flexibility.
A 30-year-old, 70-kilo female about 167-cm tall in one hour can lose:
225 calories with general weight lifting.
300 calories with Hatha yoga.
360 calories with Astanga yoga.
410 calories with low-impact aerobics.
520 calories with bicycling.
560 calories with Zumba.
610 calories with Vinyasa yoga.
(reference: HealthStatus and Harvard Health Publications)
You can lose about 600 calories in this class but as we are focusing on flexibility too it will be a bit less, but still 400-500 calories are not ruled out

Clasa dinamica: Recastiga-ti flexibilitatea si cardio(clasa dinamica)

Aceasta clasa de 60 minute poate fi folosita sa indeplineasca multe din obiectivele tale:
1. Fitness general intrucat clasa e dinamica
2. Cardio
3. Flexibilitate intrucat toate clasele sunt centrate pe intinderi de la glezne catre gat ale tuturor muschilor majori
4. Coordonarea mainilor si creierului
5. Coordonare creier muschi

Aceasta clasa este creata intr-un asemenea mod ca fiecare postura este pregatita de un exercitiu dinamic care pregateste muschiul pentru intindere si apoi poti ramane mai mult in aceasta postura , asta ducand si mai mult la cresterea flexibilitatii.
O femeie de 30 ani, 1, 67 m de 70 kg poate pierde intr-o ora:
225 calorii cu ridicare de obiecte obisnuita
300 calorii cu Hatha Yoga
360 calorii cu Ashtanga Yoga
410 calorii cu aerobic cu impact redus
520 calorii cu cycling
560 calorii cu Zumba
610 calorii cu Vinyasa Yoga, flow yoga
(reference: HealthStatus and Harvard Health Publications)
The schedule for the 2 days is/Programul pentru cele doua zile este:
Saturday 14 of april

10:00 Regainining your flexibility class
11:15 Stretch and meditate
12:30 Movement Meditation


17:00 Regaining flexibility class
18:15 Stretch and meditate
19:30 Movement meditation

Sunday 15 of april

10:00 Regainining your flexibility class
11:15 Stretch and meditate
12:30 Movement Meditation

Enrollment cand be done for one class, 2 classes, 3 classes or the whole event.
Contribution for one class is 30 lei
Contribution for 2 classes is 50 lei
Contributuon for 3 classes is 65 lei
Contribution for the whole event is 110 lei including 3 classes on Saturday ( morning or evening ) and 3 classes on Sunday.

Inscrierile se pot face pentru o clasa, pentru doua clase, 3 clase, sau pentru tot evenimentul
Contributia pentru o clasa este 30 lei
Contributia pentru doua clase este de 50 lei
Contributia pentru 3 clase este 65 lei
Contributia pentru tot evenimentul este de 110 lei incluzand 3 clase sambata dimineata sau varianta clase dupa amiaza si clasele de duminica dimineata

Va rugam sa optati cand va inscrieti pentru ce clase ati dori si in care interval.

Inscrierile se fac la adresa cristina.miculete@gmail.com
Sau la numarul de telefon 0752.17.88.44
Locurile pentru o clasa sunt limitate asadar inscrierea cat mai din timp va asigura participarea.

14 April
Saturday @ 10:00 am - 08:00 pm



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